Consumer Credit Card Counseling – Get Out of Debt

Regardless of how your why you got into debt, you are there. You need to get out from under what seems an insurmountable stack of bills, but are confused about your options. Bankruptcy lawyers and debt consolidation companies flood the market with enticing commercials, causing consumers to jump to drastic measures when searching for a solution. However, you didn’t get into debt overnight and should make carefully calculated decisions as to how you will get out. Consumer credit card counseling organizations are your best bet when seeking debt advice.These non-profit groups advocate on your behalf when seeking debt relief. Unlike bankruptcy lawyers and debt consolidation companies, consumer debt counselors are not motivated by hefty fees. They provide unbiased advice on how to responsibly manage your money, offering you real solutions for your current financial issues. They also help you set up a debt management plan and develop a personalized program to prevent future financial crisis.Non-profit debt advocates offer consumer tools such as debt calculators, budget worksheets, and facts about debt. While they educate you about your debt solution options, they also inform you on ways to rebuild your credit. You can safely discuss with your counselor the options of bankruptcy as well as ways to handle various debt collection practices. Remember, though your counselor discusses these topics with you, he cannot provide legal advice.Consumer credit advocates receive specialized training and many have backgrounds in finance and/or counseling. When you contact an agent, you may discuss your debt over the phone, via mail, or in person. You have many options when it comes to working with these types of agencies. Check your local listings are search online for a counselor who fits your needs. Debt can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone.

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